An API for reflexion of Neko bytecode modules.

'module module_read(fread : ((buf : string -> pos : int -> len : int -> int)), loader : object) Read a module using the specified read function and the specified loader. 'module module_read_path(string list, name : string, loader : object) Read a module using the specified search path. any module_exec('module) Execute the module, return the calculated value string module_name('module) Return the module name object module_exports('module) Return the module export table object module_loader('module) Return the module loader int module_nglobals('module) Return the number of globals for this module any module_global_get('module, n : int) Get the nth global void module_global_set('module, n : int, any) Set the nth global int module_code_size('module) return the codesize of the module

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