Misc. functions for different usages.

string float_bytes(number, bigendian : bool) Returns the 4 bytes representation of the number as an IEEE 32-bit float string double_bytes(number, bigendian : bool) Returns the 8 bytes representation of the number as an IEEE 64-bit float float float_of_bytes(string, bigendian : bool) Returns a float from a 4 bytes IEEE 32-bit representation float double_of_bytes(string, bigendian : bool) Returns a float from a 8 bytes IEEE 64-bit representation void run_gc(major : bool) Run the Neko garbage collector { heap => int, free => int} gc_stats() Return the size of the GC heap and the among of free space, in bytes void enable_jit(bool) Enable or disable the JIT. void test() The test function, to check that library is reachable and correctly linked void print_redirect(function:1?) Set a redirection function for all printed values. Setting it to null will cancel the redirection and restore previous printer. void set_trusted(bool) Change the trusted mode of the VM. This can optimize some operations such as module loading by turning off some checks. bool same_closure(any, any) Compare two functions by checking that they refer to the same implementation and that their environments contains physically equal values.

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