Mathematical functions

float math_atan2(number, number) Return atan2 calculus float math_pow(number, number) Return power calculus number math_abs(number) Return absolute value of a number int math_ceil(number) Return rounded-up integer int math_floor(number) Return rounded-down integer int math_round(number) Return nearest integer float math_pi() Return the value of PI float math_sqrt(number) Return the square-root float math_atan(number) Return the arc-tangent float math_cos(number) Return the cosine float math_sin(number) Return the sine float math_tan(number) Return the tangent float math_log(number) Return the logarithm float math_exp(number) Return the exponent float math_acos(number) Return the arc-cosine float math_asin(number) Return the arc-sine

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