Neko Multithreading

NekoVM supports multithreading and multiple VM instances. It means that you can run some Neko code in a multithreaded program, as long as you respect the following guidelines.

  • you can allocate a VM with neko_vm_alloc. The VM holds the Neko stack and registers.
  • a given thread can allocate several VM.
  • you can choose the local thread current VM by calling neko_vm_select(neko_vm *vm).
  • you can retrieve the selected VM for the current thread by calling neko_vm_current().
  • a single VM shouldn't be used to execute code on several threads at the same time.
  • a Neko Module can be used by several VM/Threads at the same time.

Using some non-basic data structures such as loaders, hashtables or abstracts values (files, regular expressions...) from multiple threads can results in crashes. Try to always keep these data structures in the thread that originally allocated them.

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