Neko 1.3 CHANGES

  • neko : fixed endianness bug needed to boot, exported neko_is_big_endian
  • neko : fixed bug on Linux x86 gcc with object operators (eax get overwritten)
  • neko : fixed bug : error when string or compare does not exist
  • neko : allowed runtime printer redirection (+ added std@print_redirect)
  • neko : defined a default NEKOPATH when not specified (less configuration)
  • neko : fixed int32 calculus bug (need_32_bits macro)
  • neko : fixed calls with a lot of arguments (some cases were failing)
  • neko : fixed preservation of 'this' through tailcall, if changed inside the call
  • neko : added unary operator minus parsing
  • neko : fixed error reporting of unclosed parenthesis
  • nekoml : added Net core module for sockets
  • nekoml : when catching Neko errors, wrap them using Neko_error constructor
  • std : supported serialization of C primitives and serialize/unserialize overrides
  • added nekotools (merged nekoboot and neko webserver)
  • std : fixed math_round, fixed math docs
  • std : fixed bug in utf8_resize, utf8_get and utf8_iter.
  • regexp : added regexp_new_options for matching options and regexp_replace_fun
  • regexp : fixed invalid matched length when not index 0
  • added some benchmarks in src/benchs
  • neko : fixed $ablit and $sblit (when used with same array/string)
  • neko : fixed multithread win32 support
  • mod_neko : changed Content-Type handling for POST data
  • std : added blocking sockets support
  • std : changed sys_time to sys_cpu_time, added sys_time (local time).
  • std : fixed put_env on Linux (GC issue)
  • cleanup of some stuff needed by experimental JIT
  • std : added memory module
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